At Timeline HR , we value your time and talent the most for your future and career prospects.

Our Passion has always been to craft a model that provides an efficient and trusted output, which can result in speed and quality, promising that every job need is genuine and relevant to our candidates or job seekers skill sets.

Our story unfolded at the peak of 2013 with the launch of a modern job capabilities.As we grow, we have found a growing demand for quality manpower resources in the market.We took it as a passion to deliver our recruitment solutions to our needy partners as and when necessary.


To be a Great Recruitment Service provider to SME & MNC Companies in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad. Empower all existing stakeholders in the business. Do business ethically following all rules. Help the real needy clients & candidate to find great fit. Ensure ROI works for every business we help grow.


Streamline your HR and payroll processes with our cutting-edge solutions.


Stay ahead of regulations and ensure legal compliance with our expert guidance.

Employee Satisfaction

Foster a positive work culture through effective HR practices.

Technology Integration

Embrace the future with seamless software integration.


Our mission is to empower organisation globally with innovative HR Solutions , discover oppurtunities that are efficient and perfectly matched to their skills and wish

  • Best Teamwork
  • Great Relation & Networking

The outcome of our endeavours

We take an oath that we provide only quality resources at all time to keep our partnersand colleagues happy, even job seeekers to trust us and come forward to get placed through us.

The outcome of our endeavours : A perfect revelation that can create more and more job seekers to approach us, thus create a win-win situation for both candidate and the business partner.

Since our inception, we have been priviledged to guide over 50,000 individuals on their journey to accomplish and in fulfilling their job aspirations.

So join us and let us navigate the work culture together..

Together we can win, establish and reinforce our goals and mission

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  • Better problem Identifying
  • Customised Solutions
  • Experienced team
  • Ethical
  • Faster Service
  • Trained & Skilled Team
  • Filtered Candidates
  • Transparent
  • Better Clarity
  • Good Culture
  • Rewards & Recognition
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